Saturday, January 10, 2009

Japanese Division - Project 2 Update

We're facing a few issues at the moment, but I'm proud to inform you that after a plethora of issues, we have selected our second project, and that the translation is about 55% done, and that we may have the translation done within a day or two. Ironically, our second project is the follow-up to our first project, as it is Bakuretsu Fusen's work from the winter 2008 Comiket.

But because of this, and as translator some of the issues are more glaringly apparent, there will be a certain amount of familiar dialogue in the follow-up work. Whether or not this is due due to Bakuretsu Fusen's style, or merely a lack of creativity is beyond us, but I must apologise to the readers for what seem to be merely a copy of the original work in some parts.

I might as well explain the delay before I switch off for the night; originally we had a Sakako-lookalike h-manga oneshot as our second project, but unfortunately, my knowledge of Japanese slang and dialects is minimal, so I had to drop it. Nonetheless, we've picked up this project, and I intend to make it up to all of you by trying to get this one done as soon as possible.

As always, we appreciate feedback from users, and we'll be actively seeking our next project in the coming week or so at this rate.

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